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Payment Method

We support PayPal, Zelle,Cash App,Vemon,Western Union And Transferwise If u wanna pay with PayPal, Zelle,Cash App and Vemon, Plz contact our customer service for payment information.

Western Union

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The Western Union And Transferwise Payment information is as below:

The first name: Tao
The last name: Yang
The country: China
The province: Hubei
The city: Wuhan
The zip code: 430000
Street:Zhuodaoquan South Road, Hongshan District
Unionpay card number: 6216607600006766547
-Reference : Friends

(1) Choose "Bank Account" for Receiver to receive the payment
(2)Remind Our recipient currency is CNY
(3)Usually it will take 1 days to confirm your payment.